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Children are constantly growing and changing but that doesn’t mean they should be in pain. Early intervention can help prevent foot problems later in life. If your child appears to be clumsy, complains of unusual pain or discomfort, is constantly tired or they simply walk on their tip toes professional help is advised.

At Innovation Podiatry keeping kids active and doing the things they love most is extremely important to us. We identify, diagnose and treat lower limb problems in children and advise on exercises, activities and alternate therapies to help your child through their growing years.

Common Conditions we treat in children:

Treatments may include

Strapping: Using taping techniques to support and stabilise

Footwear Assessment: Ensuring your child’s footwear is the correct fit to not hinder healthy growth and development

Stretching & Strengthening Exercises: Tailored to suit your child’s needs to improve movement, pain or foot problems.

Orthotics: Pre-made or custom

Shopping for new footwear for your child?

The following link is a great guide for all parents to follow

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