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Hip & Knee Pain

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Common hip and knee pain condition symptoms and treatments are outlined below.

Top of foot pain/Dorsal Midfoot Interosseous Compression Syndrome (click to open/close)


This condition causes significant and consistent pain in the top of the foot (dorsal surface) during weight-bearing activity. Repetitive trauma at the surface of the dorsal mid-foot joints results in inflammation in the capsular ligaments. Barefoot or low-heeled shoes may exacerbate the pain, while shoes with a slightly higher heel may reduce symptoms.

If you are a runner who prefers to forefoot strike and/or run in minimalist footwear, you may find that you are more prone to ‘top of foot pain’ as the dorsiflexion movements of the forefoot on the rear-foot are increased.


Treatment involves reducing the inflammation (Ice therapy, anti-inflammatories) and eliminating the biomechanical factors causing the increased compression forces. This can involve stretching exercises, mobilisation, dry needling, footwear advice, heel lifts and/or foot orthotics.

For runners, reviewing running techniques and training load – whether temporarily or permanently – may be beneficial, as may the above-mentioned therapies.

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