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It is often a daunting task purchasing sports footwear, particularly when there is a wall of footwear to choose from. Rather than choose a shoe for its colour, it is more important to make sure the shoe has the specific features that suit your foot and the activity that you are going to be doing.

Firstly, it is important to know your foot type, so that an appropriate choice of footwear can be made. A simple test is to stand on a towel once you get out of the shower and look at the impression or footprint that is made.

There are three general shapes of feet, and the impression made on the towel can aid in determining whether you have a pronated, neutral or supinated foot type. Each foot type functions differently, and to complicate matters further, if you have had a severe injury, have a disease such as diabetes or arthritis or have had any foot or leg surgery, the overall function of the foot will change. You will need to have an assessment by a podiatrist if you have any doubt about your foot type.

Once you have determined your foot type, it makes purchasing shoes a whole lot easier.
We can not only help you work out what type of foot you have, but also provide lots of useful information on what type of shoe suits you best, across:

  • Running
  • Cross-training
  • Netball
  • Walking

plus a whole range of other sports and activities.

In addition to this our podiatrist’s can help you navigate ladies and men’s dress shoes, back to school shoes and diabetic friendly footwear.

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