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Custom Made Orthotics

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Customised, functional foot orthoses are individually shaped to your specific foot contour and used in the management of a wide variety of conditions affecting the feet, ankles, legs and hips. They may be used by your podiatrist to change the positioning of bones and joints, along with the actions of various muscles to help manage your problem, or to affect the magnitude and direction of forces within the muscles, joints, tendons and bones.


Our podiatrists are highly experienced in creating your custom-made orthotics to help reduce pain and improve function and mobility. We use the latest technology to take a 3D image of your feet which is then immediately sent, along with an extensive biomechanical prescription to an orthotic laboratory to manufacture your devices.


The external lab we use is;

Biolab WA – We have been using biolabs durable lightweight carbon fibre and polypropylene orthotics since we opened in 2007.


Your custom-made orthotics are designed to last many years, depending upon growth and the activities they are used for. Commonly adjustments are necessary to “fine-tune” your orthoses to treat your foot or leg problem. A cushioning top cover helps minimise irritation between your skin and the shell, which can be made from a variety of materials such as leather, neoprene, vinyl and other specific cushioning materials.


Sometimes your top cover will wear out before the rest of your orthotic, and if this is the case, bring it in to our podiatrists to recover and you can make your orthotics last a little bit longer.


The benefit of a lab generated custom device is there is an ease of capturing your individual foot for the device with our 3D scanner and we can chose from a range of rigid to semi rigid material to support and cushion your foot. We can then appropriately adapt all aspects of the device to suite your foot and its needs depending on pathology enabling specificity of design. There is also an ease of access with email facilities used for communication and enhanced turn around of your orthotics. Whilst the time consuming fabrication of the devices do make them more expensive they are usually significantly more durable they do also allow for gross asymmetries such as different foot types, limb lengths and gait angle variations.

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