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A day at the Marathon

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A day at the Marathon

Sunday 4th August saw Vanessa, Jackie and an eager team of 4th year QUT Podiatry students treat athletes at our recovery tent for the 7 Sunshine Coast Marathon in what turned out to be a record breaking day.

Pre race attendees included many familiar faces popping in for plantar fascia, achilles tendon and knee strapping, with bucket loads of tape kindly provided by RockTape and samples of fisiocrem helping athletes complete their race.

Having prime position at the finish line meant we were able to witness elite records being smashed such as Lisa Weightman breaking the Half Marathon record in an amazing time of 1:08:48 and Saeki Makino break the marathon record with a mind boggling time of 2:16:18.

As the morning went on the tent became busier with post race injuries, some juicy blisters and damaged toenails which required the expert attention of our students. Leg cramps, ITB pain, sprained ankles and many other weird and wonderful injuries ensured the plentiful amount of fisiocrem and RockTape kindly supplied to us did not go to waste.

As ever, it was a privilege to witness every single person who came across the finish line. The smiles, the tears, the agony and the joy were testament to the months of hard work and individual stories of all participants.

Each year the marathon gets bigger and better and we can’t wait to see what next year has in store for our athletes.

See you at the finish line!

With special thanks to:

Atlas Multisports

7 Sunshine Coast Marathon

RockTape Australia


The 4th year QUT Graduating Podiatry Students of 2019

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