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Ganglion and other Deep Cysts

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Anytime you notice a lump or mass, you should have it checked out by a doctor as soon as possible, even if it isn’t painful. If the cyst isn’t painful, it may be best to just watch it to see if it changes over time. If you have a painful ganglion, you can try padding the area around the lump or try changing your shoe gear to relieve the pressure.

Your podiatrist will look at and feel the lump. If it is a ganglion, we will numb the area, then try to pull as much fluid out of the cyst as possible using a syringe. Many podiatrists will then inject a steroid or hardening agent into the cyst to try to prevent it from filling again. About half of the time, the cyst will fill up again after the treatment. We will then give you the option of having it removed surgically.

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